Keep Your Computer Data Safe

    Keep Your Computer Data Safe

    Keep Your Computer Data Safe

    Think for a moment, how would a significant data loss affect your operations?  What if all your word documents, spreadsheets, and quickbooks files were completely lost and irrecoverable? According to Small Business Trends, 58% of all small businesses are not prepared for data loss, and according to DTI/PricewaterhouseCoopers, 70% of small businesses that experience a major data loss will be out of business in a year. Don’t let your company be a statistic. Get backed up, secured, and keep your machines maintained on a regular basis.

    BACKUPS: Documents, spreadsheets, databases, accounting, and photos are all at risk of loss every time we use our computer. The culprits? Hard drive crash, ransomware, theft, and natural disaster.  We often get a phone calls from potential clients frantic about, “I just lost my stuff”. “The computer won’t start”, “I can’t find my quickbooks files”, or “the file server is down”.  Computer guy: “Where are your backups?” Caller: “What backups?” Believe it or not, it’s a common answer for most businesses. Oftentimes, there are no backups or the backups were set up in sometime in 2015 and never checked again. Encrypted cloud based backups with monitoring are your best defense against data loss. Encrypted, so your data is secured. Cloud based, because we know we’re not going to take that thumb drive home every night. Monitored so we know when backups fail.

    ANTIVIRUS: You know you should have it, and you know you should purchase a good one. Fundamentally, anti-virus(AV) is there to keep hackers away, right? Yes, but not any anti-virus will do.  Make certain your AV is from a legitimate source and make sure it’s updated regularly. A new virus is released into the wild/internet every few minutes, so if your AV isn’t familiar with the latest strains, it can’t protect you. Make certain your AV is scanning regular intervals. Any malware hidden deep in your file system is always a cause for concern. Check to see if your AV employs content control. You want to block those hacked websites before you click that malicious link. There are literally hundreds of anti-virus’ available, so your best bet is to do your research or rely on a trusted computer professional to recommend a good anti-virus program.

    TUNEUPS: It’s common knowledge you should take your car in for a tuneup, but how about your computer? Does it need a tuneup? Is it running slow? Are there popups? Gremlin or glitch, It’s frustrating, at the very least, to have to wait for that document to load or get interrupted by advertisement popups every time you go online. Computer tuneups help performance and security. Some tasks include freeing up space by removing junk files, fully scanning to ensure there is no malware lurking in some dark corner of your operating system, and a checking to see if your computer is up to date with the latest Windows software and anti-virus signatures. There are typically 15-20 major tasks to check on a computer to tune it properly. Yes, there are automated tuneup applications available, but in my opinion, tuneups are best performed manually by an experienced technician. There are simply too many scenarios where an automated program cannot fully help with.

    Full Tuneup Tasks:

    • Check running processes
    • Check for internet hijacks
    • Check installed programs
    • Increase performance
    • Run full virus scan
    • Run rootkit scan
    • Clean printer queues
    • Check browser addons
    • Check event log
    • Remove junk files
    • Clean registry
    • Verify startup programs
    • Check security center
    • Verify Microsoft windows updates
    • Verify backup jobs



    Keep your personal and business data safe. Back up your computer with cloud services, make sure you have a good anti-virus, and ask your computer professional to tune your computer up at least one time each year.

    We are continually seeking new and better solutions for our clients. We offer, best in class, anti-virus with our Pro Desktop solution. Our anti-virus engine has been #1 in an overall performance and protection for the last 6 years. We also include 24/7 health monitoring with Pro Desktop. ComputerWild has tuned thousands of systems over the past decade to increase performance and security. We can connect to your PC remotely and tune it up by removing junk, cleaning your registry, removing pop-ups, and toolbars.

    Schedule your tuneup today, call: 509-295-8700 or email: suppo‌rt@‍

    Billy Thomas
    Billy Thomas
    CEO - Computerwild, Inc.

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